Your Retreat Hosts: Liv, Carly, Catherine

Being prepared for anything is the best way to feel organized before and relaxed during a retreat. With it's rugged coastline exposed to the wild Pacific Ocean, it's good to come prepared for all seasons when you are visiting Tofino. As safety is our first priority, we always recommend you travel with your medication if any and a copy of your prescription.

Your packing list -

  1. Your yoga mat and yoga towel
  2. Refillable water bottle
  3. Rain pants, Rain/Waterproof jacket with hood
  4. Thermal shirt and pant layer
  5. Insulation layer such as a cosy fleece or down vest
  6. Fuzzy hat (toque or beanie)
  7. Rainproof or water resistant hat. Baseball hat is also useful
  8. Rain boots
  9. Hiking boots
  10. Flip Flops 
  11. Swimsuit
  12. Sunscreen - despite all the rain you can get a surfer's tan here
  13. Camera/Go-Pro and any waterproof housing if you have one
  14. Aqua Packs are very useful as well
  15. Cozy slippers for the house
  16. Your own wetsuit, surf booties and gloves if you prefer. If not, no worries we've got you covered. 
  17. Any extra snacks, smooth/protein mixes you enjoy
  18. Personal medications and copy of the prescription
  19. Extra prescription glasses and/or contact lenses as needed
  20. Pack your items in a travel backpack if possible. Dry bag optional but it can be really useful in an emergency situation.
  21. Personal snacks and beverages you can't go without
  22. Personal toiletries 


Your Retreat Hosts: Liv, Liz, Carly

Yoga Mat

2.     Re-useable water bottle

3.     Lightweight clothing for the day (see this link for tips on What To Wear. Be sure to bring some warmer clothing for the evenings such as a sweater, lightweight fleece and/or light weight waterproof jacket. If you get cold you might want to consider bringing a lightweight base layer top and bottom for the camping excursion

4.     Sun hat, sunglasses and adequate sunscreen protection

5.     Walking shoes or hiking boots

6.     Summer wetsuit if you own one. The water is Morocco is roughly 19 degrees Celsius in May. For those who get cooler in the water a full length 3/2 mil wetstuit is an option. For those who tend to get hot surfing a short wetsuit may suffice. Surf booties or reef shoes if you have them as some breaks may have rocky bottom

7.     Copy of important medical prescriptions and medications

8.     Extra glasses and contact lenses if applicable

9.     Copy of your passport, personal identification and emergency contact information

10.Any extra snacks, supplements that you can’t go without