Our Partners

Noorish Tofino strives to work with the best of the best to bring you the ultimate retreat experience. We proudly work with the below partners.

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Dryft watersports

Our premier partner for overseas retreats, Dryft Watersports is created by Elizabeth Finkle Sans, aka "Mama Liz". 

Mama Liz starts repping boards but like most entrepreneurs she feels she can build a better mousetrap and thus Dryft Watersports begins its journey in 2017.

In early 2018 Dryft Watersports delivers its first orders of hand shaped boards and the buzz begins. Quality craftsmanship, custom shapes and graphics. The boards are well received by local surfers as well as established surf schools.

Mama Liz is a 200hr YRT and a lifeguard. She was a WSI on Long Island during summers in her youth. She skied professionally in Colorado before an injury turned her to a 20 year Wall Street career. Her focus now is on her family, surfing, yoga and holistic mecicine.

Carly Dancer Pose

carly fox of papaya wellness

“Each breath is a gift and each new day is a fresh opportunity to create the life that you want. Live with joy and express your love"

I walk a path of self inquiry and yoga has been a beautiful tool in this ongoing exploration. Yoga started as the balancing medium for other physical pursuits in my life and has now become a deep source of nourishment and the grounded platform from which I move. 

Surfing lights my fire and has led me on adventures all over the globe. My love and connection to the ocean is probably my greatest influence and source of inspiration in my yoga practice. Sharing the ocean, its power, immensity and beauty is a true and humbling gift.  Everyday I am amazed at the parallels and lessons we learn from mother ocean and how they can be applied to bringing mindfulness, an open heart and a free flowing attitude into all moments in life. I am learning to let go more and more by the day..riding the waves.

I advocate for women empowering women, through taking our health with a balanced and loving approach and using creativity as a tool in self realization. Teaching, sharing my passion and encouraging you to find what it is that inspires you, is what keeps my stoke going! 

Carly is a founder of Papaya Wellness.


catherine bruwhiler of tofino paddle surf

Catherine is a first generation surfer in Canada and an ambassador for Tofino. She grew up surfing the cold waters of the Northwest Pacific coast, on northern Vancouver island, with her 3 brothers, at a time when there were no other females in the water. Growing up on the rugged beaches, they would explore and hike through dense forests, remote beaches looking for remote beaches to surf. Catherine has won the Woman’s National Canadian Surf National Champion title many times, has won multiple paddleboard races and SUP Surf National competitions. She currently competes with Team Canada in international events, both as a stand up paddler, surfer and assistant coach.  Catherine is also a coach with the Junior Canadian Surf Team and sits on the Olympic committee with the Canadian Surfing Association. Catherine is the owner and operator of Tofino Paddle Surf.