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Why should I go on a womens retreat?

There are so many reasons to go! A retreat is a great way to learn about yourself, to tune into your needs and wants, to relax and to have fun. Being in a new environment and trying new activities together with a group of other ladies is an immensely strong bonding experience. You will come away with new friends and a feeling of community. Taking time out to nurture yourself, to challenge your body and mind, and to eat well will leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated, and of course, nourished! 

Why women only?

Our retreats are women-only because it's what creates a safe space for many women to open up, try new things, and relax without worrying about judgement.The energy dynamic is different when it's a consistently a female energy. It is soft yet strong at once and we will channel it to help us leap forward in our own personal journeys.

what if i've never surfed/done yoga/hike etc before?

We love newcomers! Our retreat activities are aimed for everyone, including those who may have tried certain activities before. Our instructors are highly experienced to teach beginners, and are in tune with your needs. Should you have more advanced instruction requests, for surfing or yoga, please inquire in advance and we will accommodate for your experience level. We welcome ladies or all ages and experience levels to join our retreats. While we believe in pushing your personal boundaries when it feels right, you also always have the option to sit out an activity if you're not feeling it. Let us know and we can make a plan for you.

what if I've never traveled alone before? 

Give it a try! It's invigorating to travel on your own and meet new people. You learn so much about yourself when you travel on your own and you have the space to be more introspective. Some of the best friendships have been born out of solo traveling.

can i bring a friend?

We love friends! While traveling alone is awesome, bringing a bestie (or two or three!) is a great way to create lasting memories. The more the merrier!

what is included in the cost?

Please see each individual retreat trip for details but in general retreat costs include accommodations, breakfasts, and some lunches and/or dinners (depending on the trip), trip activities, daily yoga. Airfare is not included. Please check each trip for transfer specific information.

How do i book a retreat?

To book a retreat, please email us at hello@noorishtofino.com. Once the details are confirmed, you will be asked to send a non-refundable deposit (amount is dependent on the retreat) to Noorish Tofino Retreats. The balance of the retreat costs is due 60 days prior to departure, payable to Noorish Tofino Retreats. 


What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Please contact us as soon as you feel you may need to cancel or reschedule a trip. Payment for trips are non-refundable once paid. Deposits to complete your reservation is non-refundable. Cancellations within 60 days of the departure when client has paid in full will result in the full payment transferred as a credit towards an alternate retreat provided by Noorish Tofino Retreats as agreed upon by the client and Noorish Tofino Retreats. Cancellations before the full balance is paid (prior to 60 days of departure) will be accepted but the deposit provided at the time of booking is non-refundable. If you are concerned about a possible cancellation or other unexpected occurrences, please purchase travel cancellation policy for your best protection.

What do i need to bring?

A sense of adventure, an open heart and mind! Please see our What To Bring page for details for each specific retreat.

can you ACCOMMODATE my diet/allergy requests?

Upon booking, we will ask you to complete an information form upon which you can provide any dietary and allergy requests. 

can i bring my dog/boyfriend/husband/kid?

As this is a women's retreat, we respectfully ask that you leave them at home. 

Will i have fun?

Absolutely. You'll love it!

how do i get to tofino?

From Vancouver, take a ferry from either Horseshoe Bay or Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal via BC Ferries to Nanaimo and from there it's roughly a 3 hour drive to Tofino. 

I can't swim. can i still go surfing and/or stand-up paddle boarding?

We recommend a basic level of swimming ability to participate in surf lessons or stand-up paddle trips. Although the beach break is generally not deep and has a sandy bottom, for your personal safety you should be comfortable enough to tread water and do some swimming if so required.

where is the nearest hospital? Is there a doctor in town?

Yes Tofino has a General Hospital and there are doctors available here.

is there on-site laundry?

Yes, Noorish House has a washer and dryer for guests.

how cold is tofino? how can i surf there?

The water temperature in the summer is about 15 degrees Celsius. In Winter, the water can go as low as 7 degrees Celsius. With a good 5/4/3 mil wetsuit, gloves and booties you will be prepared for the conditions. Wetsuit and equipment rentals will be included in your surf lesson.

do i need a wetsuit or surfobard?

We provide all wetsuit and surfboard rentals included in the cost of your retreat.

do i have to participate in all the activities?

Not at all. If you're not feeling it, need some alone time or prefer to do something else, you can always opt-out. It's all about going with the flow and enjoying your trip, the way you want to.

will there be free time to explore on our own?

Absolutely. Part of our planning is to make sure you get enough time to explore on your own or simply unwind however you choose to. While we will have lots of activities to choose from, we want to make sure guests don't feel rushed and enjoy their retreat.



Our retreat takes place in Mirleft which is roughly 2 hours from Agadir.  From North America, the gateway to Agadir is via Gatwick Airport in Southeast England. EasyJet offers direct flights that takes roughly 4 hours. From Heathrow to Agadir, there is typically one stop via Casablanca or Paris taking roughly 5.5 hours. You may also book flights to Marrakesh through Gatwick or Heathrow Airport. We will provide transport to Mirleft from Marrakesh. This option may be more suitable for those who are completing the additional optional excursions for 1 night in Marrakesh or camel desert trekking.


There is a pharmacy in Mirleft for medical needs and there is a large hospital in Agadir as well as a doctor on call in Mirleft.


Upon booking, we will ask you to complete an information form upon which you can provide any dietary and allergy requests. 




We provide all wetsuit (you can bring your own if you like) and surfboard rentals included in the cost of your retreat.