Meet Our Retreat Leader Series - Elizabeth Finkle Sans AKA "Mama Liz"

We are starting a new series of posts at Noorishing Thoughts so you can get to know us a little better. We start with Noorish’s premier partner, Elizabeth Finkle Sans of Dryftwater Sports, who is an inspiration to me. We call her Mama Liz (she’s mom to two teen daughters) and she’s always looking out for everyone around her. She’s an accomplished athlete (former pro skier!), entrepreneur and a big part of her community in the Hamptons in New York. Mama Liz gives us some insight into what makes her tick.


Tell us a bit about yourself - who is Mama Liz and what is she all about?

Mama Liz is a wife/ mother/ yogu/surfer/skier/hippie trapped in a 45+ body, a peter pan who never wants to grow up! I worked so hard to be a grown up while working on Wall Street for 20 years, I want those youthful years back!

What inspires you?

Young people who don’t realize the gift of youth,older people who live like they are decades younger. 

Like many of us today, You’re a wearer of many hats - entrepreneur, mother, wellness advocate. What keeps you balanced and gets you through your many tasks in the day?

While I love my husband and daughters dearly, and I love my home, I always have a trip planned. I have had the good fortune to travel my whole life and whether it is a new location or a return to an old location, the excitement of travel keeps me in balance. 

You created Dryft Watersports, which makes beautiful, handcrafted surfboards. What is like working as a woman in the surf industry?

It is a very competitive business.There are not a great deal of women who are making boards, but there are many shapers out there. I just have to keep getting the boards into more hands and into more locations and hope the word spreads! We are in America and Central America and soon North Africa

liz for dryft.jpg

You were a former professional skier and now you are an avid surfer. What have outdoor sports taught you that has translated into something bigger in life?

Outdoor sports teach you that nothing goes as plans, and that we must be flexible and able to change plans on a dime. One day we are skiing in packed powder in sunny weather and great visibility, and within 40 minutes its cloudy and there is no visiblity where you cannot see your hand in front of you! Or you are surfing nice shoulder high waves, the sky turns grey, the wind crosses, and the waves are sloppy, overhead, and there is a strong rip. We have to adapt. Life changes too. We can be healthy one day, and be diagnosed with cancer the next.  Some people are so much in tunnel vision, that the slightest change throws them into depression.

Liz surf beach.jpg

What are your favourite places in the world? Do you have any bucket list places you want to check off?

Nicaragua is one of my favorite places. Paris is my favorite City. I cannot wait to visit Africa!

Liz at her Nicaraguan home having a blast

Liz at her Nicaraguan home having a blast

If there's one piece of advice you would give yourself when you were in your teens or twenties, what would it be?

I would have spent more years traveling and not have settled into a serious job until I was over 30. I don’t regrets, but there is no reason to hurry to settle down!

You can come meet us, that’s me (Liv), Mama Liz, and retreat leader Carly at our upcoming event in New York!

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We are hosting a COMPLIMENTARY Pop-Up Yoga & Essential Oil event at the LeRose Dance Company. Take some time out for yourself next Saturday afternoon and enjoy a restorative yoga session led by Carly. Stay for a social over some light snacks and kombucha afterwards as we take questions on yoga, surfing, essential oils, wellness and anything in between! Details below:


WHERE: LEROSE DANCE COMPANY, 202 Montauk Hwy, Westhampton Beach, NY


RSVP: Email me, or check out our Facebook Page at Noorish Tofino Retreats under Events. Or just show up early with your mat and you’re good to go! Limited spots available so come early.